Co-curricular Activities

World Health Day Celebration

The Faculty and students of Goldfinch College of Nursing Celebrated the World Health Day by conducting procession with the slogans andplackards carrying the Theme of World Health Day".

Nurses Day Celebration

To honour the founder of modern Nursing Miss. Florence Nightingale, on her B’day we celebrate Nurses Day on May 12th every year. It is characterized by a speech & oath taking & followed by workshop, symposium, quiz competition conducted according to the theme of each year and winners are awarded prizes.

Farewell Programme

Bidding farewell is a heart breaking event to any human being. It is conducted with a combined feeling of joy & sorrow where the students have both the kind of feelings of past & future which ends in tears.

Sports Day

Every year college conducts sports day. This is an event organized to uplift the sporting capacity of the student. We have a broad vision to form College teams in various sports items. We have large number of sporting equipments to support this vision.

Ethnic Day

This day is celebrated to highlight the culture, traditions, believes & values of different states in India & abroad, since the students of Goldfinch Group hail from all parts of India and from abroad. The day has its full fun by wearing regional costumes by our students and performance of dances, dramas pertaining to the different regions.

Lamp Lighting Ceremony

We celebrate lamp lighting day in a grand manner with elegance and spirit. The ceremony is held in reverence to Ms Florence Goldfinch, "The lady with the lamp". The oath taking ceremony of the budding nurses takes place in the presence of parents every year. The recitation of the oath is led by the Principal of the institution. This ceremony initiates students in to the noble profession of the nursing, adorned in their uniforms for the first time. It helps to enlighten the students and encourage them to dedicate themselves to the nursing profession, welcomes students to their chosen profession.

Cultural Programme

Every year cultural competitions are held to unravel the hidden talents in various aspects like dances, skits, Solo singing, Group song, Mimicry, mono-act for encouraging & promoting student capacities and to highlight, project them and prepare them for state level & National level competitions.

College Day Programme

We celebrate annual day every year and the students participate in all cultural events with great zeal and enthusiasm. It is a very special day for expression and creativity to bring out talents in students.

Every year cultural competitions areheld to highlight the student's excellence in mimicry, solo-dance, solo-song, traditional dances bharatanatyam, kathakali, kuchipudi, folk dance and western.

Cultural event during academic life does contribute to the manifestation of social, intellectual, physical and mental perfection. It helps students to exhibit their hidden talents in cultural and literacy activity and provides opportunities to enhance good interaction.

Teacher's Day

Teachers Day was celebrated on September 5th. The day was coloured with games and cultural events by the faculty. Management honoured the entire faculty with gifts and the winners were awarded with prizes.

Talent Show

Freshers bring out their hidden talents during the talent show events. Varieties of programmes are performed and rejuvenate the minds of new comers.


Poojas were performed each and every corner of the campus was exposed with holy fumes.


Deepavali was celebrated, coloured with cultural program. Students had lots of fun by bursting the crackers, offered by the management. Next day all the students enjoyed dancing in campfire in the college ground.


The staff and students exchanged the gifts and shared joy and happiness with each other. The presence of Santa is the major highlight of the occasion.

Founders day

Founders day was celebrated on Jan 8th with colourful events to honour the founder with great enthusiasm and cheers.


We celebrated Pongal on January 15th and potluck celebration was the highlight of the function.

Onam Celebrations

It is being organized every year. Consisting of various cultural programme and traditional Onam Competitions and Pookkala Matsaram

Cultural Competitions

Cultural competitions were held. Students put all their efforts and actively participated in various events.